Obama Exploits Tragedy [Again] to Attack Gun Owners

Angry Obama Finger Pointing

It didn’t take long for commander-in-chief Barack Obama to leverage the tragic events in Charleston to push his agenda for disarmament of the American people. While US citizens on all sides of the political spectrum continue to understand the critical value of the 2nd Amendment, the President and his big-government allies continue … Continue reading

In Review: LED Conversion Heads for Surefire E2-Series Flashlights


I have always been a huge fan of the Surefire E2-Series tactical flashlights. They are rugged, reliable and simple to operate during a stressful situation. However, the older models that use incandescent bulbs have been overshadowed by the enhanced performance and energy efficiency of the newer LED versions. Continue reading

In Review: Adams Arms 5.56mm Piston Upper

Adams Arms AR-15

I can honestly say that I never experienced any real problems with the gas impingement system of the Stoner design. However, I quickly learned to dread the filth that would become of my BCG after even a short range session. I felt as though I was spending more time scrubbing carbon than flinging lead. Continue reading

In Review: “Strelok” Ballistic Calculator App for Android OS

Strelok - Screen Shot

The “Strelok” app by developer Igor Borisov is a free, high-quality ballistic calculator for Android OS that has many noteworthy attributes (the “donate” version is $9.99). This independent review post will take you through the top features and highlights of this excellent marksmanship tool.

Next Generation Techlite Lumen Master

It appears that the folks at Techlite take customer concerns into serious consideration. Not too long ago, Techlite released a Gen-2 Lumen Master 150-Lumen Tactical Flashlight, and more recently, a 200-Lumen version as well. Techlite addressed some major points of contention that arose from the troubled Gen-1 version. You can … Continue reading

Update from California: AB 962 Shot Down In Superior Court

The poorly-conceived “ammo bill” AB962 has been struck down as being “unconstitutionally vague” by Fresno Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hamilton. The ruling comes just days before the law would have taken effect… a law that, among other things, would ban internet sales of handgun ammo and require local ammo buyers … Continue reading

SHTF: Fantasy vs Reality

Image By Andrew Mason

As we approach yet another apocalyptic “prophecy” in 2012, some folks are already starting to prepare. As weapons and munitions caches in basements across the country begin bulging at the seams, I can’t help but question the validity of this paranoia, and more so, of the methods devised to survive … Continue reading

Anti-gun organizations exposed…

We all know that money talks and pretty much everything else walks. As gun owners, there are few more effective methods at asserting our rights against would-be attacks than to deny funding to anti-gun individuals and organizations. Gun owners make up a massive portion of the US consumer market, and … Continue reading

In Review: 12ga 00 Buck vs. #4 Buck vs. Birdshot


Anyone that has ever ventured into the shotgun section of an internet gun forum has likely witness a heated argument over various defensive loads. Most folks are of the school of thought that will accept nothing less than 00 buckshot and/or slugs. A few others feel that #1-#4 buck better … Continue reading