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In Review: Savage Rascal

Copyright 2014 - - All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014 – – All Rights Reserved

Those of us that have children understand the challenges of teaching a small-statured person how to shoot with a full-sized rifle. While there have been other offerings in youth-sized rifles for quite some time, many of them suffer from poor accuracy, and generally lack the quality we expect from a real rifle. The Savage Rascal takes a solid stab at bringing us a rifle that is both compact and easy to wield, yet still holds true to the great accuracy we have grown to expect from Savage. Read more…

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Government surveillance got you down?

Government surveillance got you down? Join the crowd, and take a number. This article is not gun related. However, I do take our freedom and our civil liberties very seriously. Therefore, I believe that this issue must be addressed. Being that is a web-based service, I firmly believe that our rights shouldn’t end when we turn on the computer. Read on to find out how you can fight this beast and protect your privacy online.

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If you are like me, you love your Ruger 10/22 rifles and carbines. However, I have always felt that the factory sights leave much to be desired. As I strive to bring my 10/22’s closer to perfection (and closer to the emptiness that is becoming of my wallet), the rudimentary iron sights are usually the first problem I attempt to solve. Read more…

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In Review: Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine

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In the decades past, it was generally true that only custom rifles with piles of costly aftermarket add-on’s could produce the sub-MOA accuracy that is expected of a professional-grade tactical rifle. While that was usually the case, things have changed drastically in recent years with the introduction of new precision rifles priced low enough for mere mortals to afford. Enter the Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine (.308 Win. tested, also avail. in .223). In the following review, we will examine the numerous standard features that make this rifle an incredible value. We will also take it to the range for some performance testing, and give you a rundown on the custom loads that really make this little beast howl. Read more…

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Alternative Gun Lube

alternate gun lube

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Marketing teams always try to fluff up their products to make them stand out from the crowd. The business of firearm lubricants is no different in this regard. There are some really creative marketing methods being used in attempt to differentiate gun lubes from one another. Honestly, I have yet to notice any added benefit to using costly gun lubes over the much less expensive automotive counterparts. Read more…

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In Review: “Strelok” Ballistic Calculator App for Android OS

Strelok - Screen Shot

Images Courtesy of Igor Borisov - "Strelok" Developer

The “Strelok” app by developer Igor Borisov is a free, high-quality ballistic calculator for Android OS that has many noteworthy attributes (the “donate” version is $9.99). This independent review post will take you through the top features and highlights of this excellent marksmanship tool. Read more…

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Building Your Own Custom 10/22

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I recently decided to breathe some new life into my father’s 30-year-old Ruger 10/22 carbine. This rifle has been with him for as long as I can remember. This is the rifle that I learned to shoot with, and until a few days ago, it was straight-off-the-shelf stock. I thought I would share the build process with folks out there, in case some of you are pondering the potential of pimping-out your plinker. The following post will show you exactly how it’s done. Read more…

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Next Generation Techlite Lumen Master

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It appears that the folks at Techlite take customer concerns into serious consideration. Not too long ago, Techlite released a Gen-2 Lumen Master 150-Lumen Tactical Flashlight, and more recently, a 200-Lumen version as well. Techlite addressed some major points of contention that arose from the troubled Gen-1 version. You can read more about those problems in the user comments on this page. In the following post, I will report on my test findings of three of the updated Gen-2 Lumen Master flashlights that I picked up at Costco. Read more…

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In Review: Fiocchi Exacta .223 – 77gr HPBT MatchKing

Fiocchi Exacta .223 - 77gr HPBT MatchKing

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I was recently approached by an ammo retailer called, who sent me some Fiocchi Exacta 77gr Sierra MatchKing-HPBT .223 (223MKD) for testing. So, I pulled out the old 90’s model Ruger Ranch rifle, some targets and a chrono and set out to see what this ammo can do. Needless to say, my tough little Ranch Rifle is not known for making dime-sized groups at the length of a football field. Just to keep things in perspective, if I get 3 or 4 MOA, I am usually pretty happy. Furthermore, the twist-rate of the scrawny Ranch Rifle barrel is not really suitable for such a heavy bullet. I usually shoot 55gr – 62gr with decent results. The heavier 77gr bullet in this Fiocchi load would be better suited for a 1:7 twist-rate. However, since I’m not a big .223 guy (sue me), it is all I had laying around for the test.

Here are the results… Read more…

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First Aid: Gunshot Wounds

ISAFmedia - ©2010

Most who visit this site are well aware that calling upon the aid of others in a desperate situation can take anywhere from minutes, to hours or days for that aid to arrive. I assume this is perhaps the primary cause of your arrival at this website; you are aware of one simple fact… you alone, are the first line of defense when it comes to the safety of yourself and your family. Just as many of us have trained hard in the defensive arts, we must also be prepared to assess and provide first aid for any unfortunate injuries that may result from an armed confrontation.

The following post will cover the basics of combat trauma first aid; specifically focusing on firearm and bullet shrapnel injuries. Since I am not an EMT or a military medic, I have enlisted the consult of a colleague of mine for medical guidance and editing to ensure accuracy; he is a retired US Air Force Medical Technician who served in the Gulf War (’90-’91) and has treated numerous civilian and military combat casualties throughout his career. He knows his stuff, and now you will too…

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