Government surveillance got you down?

Government surveillance got you down? Join the crowd, and take a number. This article is not gun related. However, I do take our freedom and our civil liberties very seriously. Therefore, I believe that this issue must be addressed. Being that is a web-based service, I firmly believe that … Continue reading

In Review: “Strelok” Ballistic Calculator App for Android OS

Strelok - Screen Shot

The “Strelok” app by developer Igor Borisov is a free, high-quality ballistic calculator for Android OS that has many noteworthy attributes (the “donate” version is $9.99). This independent review post will take you through the top features and highlights of this excellent marksmanship tool.

Next Generation Techlite Lumen Master

It appears that the folks at Techlite take customer concerns into serious consideration. Not too long ago, Techlite released a Gen-2 Lumen Master 150-Lumen Tactical Flashlight, and more recently, a 200-Lumen version as well. Techlite addressed some major points of contention that arose from the troubled Gen-1 version. You can … Continue reading